June 1, 2008

My work here is done

(Well, my work here is done except for a signing at 9:30) I know that by posting these two pictures as pinnacle moments in my BEA trip this year I am forever marking myself as a dork of epic, epic proportions, but I don't care. (Frankly, I figure I was pretty far gone anyway, so what the hell.)

I give you Leonard Nimoy with my sock,


and William Shatner with my sock,



Seriously. I couldn't get close enough to Leonard Nimoy, other than that sock picture, but I did get right up to William Shatner and got his book signed. I did ask him to actually hold the sock, but his handlers were moving the line at a pace that can only be described as warp speed, and when I said "will you hold my sock?" he said "I can't hold a thought" and I said "no, no, it's a sock, will you hold a sock" and he glanced at a handler, and they looked me up and down and said "No", and moved me off. I stuck out the sock and took that picture anyway, and he looked at me all surprised (I suppose it was a little odd) and said "Thank you."
I left.
It was good for me anyway.
Dudes. Classic double threat.

Posted by Stephanie at June 1, 2008 10:22 AM